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Marketing, no more is traditional. It has already entered into digital world. But digitizing everything is a tough job. Transforming traditional marketing into fast paced digital sphere brings out several complexities. Understanding the core aspects in this context is key towards clearly understanding the new subject. For a big shift, role of digital marketing training in Nepal now appears to be the most significant!

I am Nitin Raj Sharma, a digital marketing technologist, trainer and speaker. I am in this industry for around a decade and have helped many businesses, companies and individuals grow remarkably. I have built a huge network of people by teaching them get the complexities of this digital world.

I have a unique approach towards digital marketing training, i.e. applying real world case studies. Since I have been solving ample number of cases frequently, I integrate the insights into learning methodologies so that my apprentices understand everything in simplified and practical ways. Practical learning always makes it thought-provoking and you are instantly prepared for ground level execution. Today the people with my guidance and practical insights are doing extremely well in various sectors and most importantly they have turned out to be successful entrepreneurs.

You can contact me for any kind of training be it comprehensive digital marketing training, SEO training, web technologies, advertising, social media, content, growth hacking, data/analytics, conversion rate optimization etc. I do regular training classes, run corporate training, speak in seminars/events and organize online webinars.

Contact me for any type of digital marketing training requirement and I will show you the way ahead.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing training is a comprehensive way to prepare you for the transformation of marketing in digital world.


SEO training helps you understand how to outperform your competitors by taking the first positions, acquire quality users and trigger conversions.

Web Technology

Web technology training helps you understand the technicalities of digital marketing’s vital element – website.


Search Engine Marketing training enables you to understand the advertising aspects including Google adwords.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing training enables you execute popular networks both organically and inorganically (advertising).


Conversion is the ultimate objective in any digital marketing effort. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) helps you understand how to turn your users to customers.

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You can call me directly via my cell: +9779841706870 or submit an inquiry online.

Nitin Sharma has been the instructor who enabled me transform my thought towards digital world. I was enrolled in his class for around 2 months and at the end I had a whole set of new ideas, insights and motivation to start something big.

Rabindra Chaulagain
SEO, Expert

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