I have been into the industry for around 8 years and have been successfully growing with my clientele month by month, year by year.

Talking about my career graph, I actually started as a web designer and gradually learned coding to give it breath. Until 2011 I was able to explore nitty gritty of web applications. But the biggest challenge I encountered was all about the business side of online applications. It was indeed bigger picture missing from my syllabus of study. I started making my hands dirty on marketing side of this ever growing industry.

Now, I talk designs as usability & user experience, applications as features and SEO as the broader spectrum of business where three aspects ranking, traffic and conversion are defined as business goals.

how can i help you?

You can call me directly via my cell: +9779841706870 or submit a business inquiry online.

Nitin has helped me convert my manpower business into untapped digital world. Before him, no one would think about digitizing Nepal’s labor business in Arab world.

Sudarshan Sapkota
Owner, Landmark HR Consultant

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Call me: 9841706870 | Drop me an email at: razznitin@gmail.com
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